Are you a Condo/Strata owner or Property Manager ?

BCS assists many Condo/Strata owners and Property Managers with everyday property maintenance, repair, and property upkeep.

Many Condo/Strata Owners and Property managers do not have extensive knowledge of the construction materials and components used on their homes and/or buildings, and often do not know where to start when it come to annual maintenance and required repair.

A Reserve Fund Study (a.k.a. Depreciation Reports) provides the Condo/Strata Council with the general forecasted maintenance and replacement costs for the property for the next 40-50 years and estimated timing in years, as to when certain materials and components of the building should be reviewed for maintenance or replacement. And a good general guide to maintaining the building is good condition.

However, many Condo/Strata Councils find there is a disconnect between the Reserve Fund Study (RFS) and;

  • Completing a review as to if the RFS’ recommended maintenance or replacement is actually required on the dates noted with the RFS and what exactly they should be looking at with respect to aging materials and components,
  • The various options for repair/maintenance that could extend the life expectancy of those material/components and move the replacement of those items back further within the RFS,
  • Which alternative building materials that might be more cost effective or a better solution for the repair,
  • What annual maintenance should be completed and when, specific to their property,
  • May need assistance in defining the scope of the required repairs and finding qualified contractors to complete the work,
  • And, may need assistance overseeing the work to ensure that the work meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of the building codes and good standards of practice.

BCS has found many Condo/Strata Councils have a need to fill this gap between the RFS and getting actual maintenance and repair work completed, so they know where to start and what to expect.  Refer to the column to the right ‘Condo/Strata/Owner Specific’ for the various type of reviews and reports that BCS can provide to assist building owners with maintenance and repairs.


Condo/Strata/Owner Specific