Information Sources

Here are some handy links for data reference.


Environment Canada National Climate Data and Information Archive

Ontario Contractors – Renovation and Building Costs

CSA – Canadian Standards Association

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation

Thermal Evaluation of R~Value, RSI-Value, U-Value, K-Value and using THERM.

BCS – Units and Conversions

BCS – Examples of THERM 6.3 wall evaluations

Evaluation of Type I & Type II Vapour Barriers, Waterproofing and Damproofing

BCS – Perms, etc

Building Permit Forms

The City of Calgary and a number of Municipal Districts require addition Forms to be filled out and submitted with your Building Permit. Some of these Forms include;

Form A – Manufactured Stone and Brick

Form C – Exterior Wall Claddings

BCS can assist you with your Form A and Form C requirements. Click one of the Forms above for more information.

Quick Links

Intertek – independent testing, inspection and certification

Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC)

Quick Links for Alberta

ASET – The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta

ABEC – Alberta Building Envelope Council

ARCA – Alberta Roofing Contractor’s Association

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation

Alberta Wall and Ceiling Association

Quick Links for British Columbia

BCBEC – British Columbia Building Envelope Council

RCABC – Roofing Contractors’s Association of British Columbia, Canada 

British Columbia Wall and Ceiling Association 

Condo/Strata Related

Strata Property Act for British Columbia

Condominium Property Act for Alberta

The Condominium Property Act for Saskatchewan.

The Condominium Property Act for Manitoba.

Health Related

Asbestos related health information