Information Sources

Here are some handy links for data reference.


Environment Canada National Climate Data and Information Archive

CSA – Canadian Standards Association

Alberta Infrastructure

Thermal Evaluation of R~Value, RSI-Value, U-Value, K-Value and using THERM.

BCS – Units and Conversions

BCS – Examples of THERM 6.3 wall evaluations

Evaluation of Type I & Type II Vapour Barriers, Waterproofing and Dampproofing

BCS – Perms, etc

Building Permit Forms

The City of Calgary and a number of Municipal Districts require additional Forms to be filled out and submitted with your Building Permit. Some of these Forms include;

Form A – Manufactured Stone and Brick

BCS can assist you with your Form A requirements.

Quick Links

Intertek – independent testing, inspection and certification

Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC)

Quick Links for Alberta

ASET – The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta

ABEC – Alberta Building Envelope Council

ARCA – Alberta Roofing Contractor’s Association

Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation

AWCA – Alberta Wall and Ceiling Association

NWCB – NW Wall & Ceiling Bureau

Quick Links for British Columbia

BCBEC – British Columbia Building Envelope Council

RCABC – Roofing Contractor’s Association of British Columbia, Canada 

British Columbia Wall and Ceiling Association 

NWCB – NW Wall & Ceiling Bureau

Condo/Strata Related

Strata Property Act for British Columbia

Condominium Property Act for Alberta

The Condominium Property Act for Saskatchewan.

The Condominium Property Act for Manitoba.