What is the building envelope?

 A building, in simple terms consists of four general components; 1) the structural framework of your home, 2) the interior finishes and components  that your see and use within your home every day, 3) the mechanical and electrical systems that condition the interior of your home, and 4) the building envelope which is the outer shell of your home, wrapped around the structural framework that keeps the water out and the warmth in. 

Building envelopes vary in construction, but generally consists of the insulation, vapour barrier, air barrier, exterior wall finishes like siding, stucco, brick, stone, windows, doors, and roofing materials like shingles or flat roofs, flashing and sealants that once assembled functions as a barrier separating the interior conditioned space of a building from Mother Nature’s un-conditioned outdoor weather elements.

What does a Building Envelope Consultant do?

Building envelope consultants are trained and have experience with addressing the various loads that a building experiences; water (rain, ice, snow), vapour water (humidity), wind (wind suction and hammer loads) and heat (hot or cold temperatures from the interior and/or exterior). These four loads are addressed in general by rain barriers, vapour barriers, air barriers, exterior cladding and thermal insulation.

Understanding these environmental building loads on your home is critical in designing good building construction for new long lasting construction, or for analyzing envelope failures in construction and determining the best and most cost effect solution to complete repairs on failed home construction.

If your building envelope has failed, a Building Envelope Consultant will complete a visual review of the failure, and if required, will complete a destructive review, where the failed assembly is dis-assembled for review of the internal components for further analysis. Upon completion of the failure analysis, the Building Envelope Consulting can recommend repair options and even assist in tendering (obtaining pricing) for the required repairs and where required, oversee the repair work to ensure that the repair work is completed correctly meeting or exceeding the minimal requirements of the building codes and good standards of practice . 


Who is Building Consulting Servcies?

Building Consulting Services has over 37 years experience (since 1985) in the Architectural construction industry with building envelopes, their design, performance, and has specialized in building envelope design and performance for the past 25 years, since 1995.

We have a passion for good home construction and building practices. 

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