We Make Buildings Better

Building Consulting Services has over 36 years experience in architectural technology and building envelopes.

We can assist with your building design and building envelope engineering for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings – from planning and design, through to completion.

For existing buildings, we perform failure analysis, determine appropriate repairs and develop annual maintenance programs.

Provided Services

  • Building Failure Analysis and Repair
  • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Design and Development Permit Drawings
  • Building Permit and Construction Drawings
  • Building Permit Letters of Assurance
  • Architectural Specification Booklets
  • Project Administration
  • Thermal Infrared Scanning
  • 3D Photo Realistic Rendering
  • Presentational Drafting
  • Adjuster Support and Insurance Re‑builds

Project Types

  • Multi-family Buildings
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Single family home design and renovations
  • Stick frame, Post and Beam, Heavy Timber and Log Home Design
  • Hurricane Resistance Homes – up to CATEGORY 5 resistance

Insurance Adjuster Support

We provide building failure analysis and written reports on building failures for building envelope issues and other related problems. We can also assist with insurance re-builds.

Project Consultant Team

ECOS Engineering, Ron J. Husack

Columbia Valley Engineering, Matthew Innes